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Rental agreement

The present rental contract has been concluded between the renter and the customer.
  1. The customer must be at least 21 years old, hold a valid driving license and should have at least 2 years driving experience.
  2. The customer must take good care of the vehicle. It’s not allowed to use the vehicle for any illegal activities, for towing, for car races etc., for the purpose of off-road driving or drive it without due care and attention.
  3. The customer must drive the vehicle himself and not allow driving or using it by any person who has not been authorized by renter to drive it. Vehicle damages, caused by the third person (not mentioned in the rental agreement), must be paid by the customer.
  4. The customer is responsible for all the details and special equipment in the vehicle. In case of an accident, the customer is obliged to pay 5000 EEK risk for own account, mentioned in the rental agreement. In case of theft the customer is obliged to pay 15 % of the vehicle price. If the damages or theft are caused because of customer’s carelessness or malicious actions, the customer is obliged to compensate all costs 100 %, despite of the risk for own account.  Customer must also compensate 100 % costs in case the responsibilities mentioned in the agreement have been ignored, if the customer has used the vehicle being drunk or under drug influence, also if the vehicle was used for illegal activities.
  5. In case of theft, the customer has to return the keys and the documents of the vehicle, otherwise, the customer is 100% responsible for the vehicle and its valuables.
  6. The customer is obliged to cover the costs for the time the renter has used to repair all the damages caused by the customer as follows: 1 day reparation = 1 day rental, but not more than 30 days rental. In case of lost keys or documents or broken tires and/or wheels, the customer must pay penalty of 3000 EEK. The place for repair will be determined by the renter.
  7. The customer is obliged to pay the prepayment according to the rental period and the prepayment is nonrefundable. The renter has the right to require the payment of subsidy within the amount of risk of own account.
  8. Rental amount doesn’t include fuel. The vehicle is delivered and should be returned with full tank of fuel. If the vehicle will be returned with unfilled tank, a refueling fee of 170 EEK will be charged for this service and any missing liter of fuel will also be charged.
  9. The vehicle will be delivered clean (inside and outside) and the customer has to return it in the same condition. If not, the customer must pay extra for dry-cleaning and carwash.
  10. It’s forbidden to smoke in the vehicle.
  11. During the rental period the customer is responsible for the technical condition of the vehicle (oil, coolant and brake fluid levels, the condition of light-bulbs inside and outside, tires pressure etc.). All the other costs will be covered by the renter.
  12. The renter will not cover the costs made by the customer (for example fine for exceeding the speed or for wrong parking etc.).
  13. Good technical condition of the vehicle will be guaranteed by the renter.
  14. In case of an accident, injury, damage or theft of the vehicle the customer must inform the local police and the renter immediately and present a written statement within 24 hours as of the mentioned incident.
  15. The duration of the rental day is 24 hours. According to the rental agreement the customer must deliver the vehicle at the end of the rental period to the agreed place on time. By returning the vehicle later than agreed, the customer is obliged to pay special charge (triple charge) for the delayed time. The customer is also responsible for the financial damage to the renter caused by the delay.
  16. In case of technical damage, which is not caused by the customer but by bad technical condition, that makes the use of the vehicle impossible (engine, rear end or gearbox damage), the renter is obliged either: to organize a replacement vehicle to the customer, or pay back the rental amount for the days not used, or organize the transfer home for the customer and his/her fellow passengers, or organize the nearest car service to repair the damage.
  Täna, 23.08
  18..23   Muutliku pilvisusega ilm. Mitmel pool sajab hoovihma, väiksem on saju tõenäosus Kagu-Eestis. Puhub edelatuul 5-10, rannikul puhanguti 14 m/s. Õhutemperatuur on 18..23°C.
  Laupäev, 24.08
11..17   Öösel: Pilves selgimistega ilm. Mitmel pool sajab vihma, Põhja-Eestis võib sadu olla tugev. Hommikuks jääb sadusid harvemaks. Puhub edela- ja läänetuul 6-11, puhanguti 14, öö hakul rannikul kuni 17 m/s, pärast keskööd pöördub lääne poolt alates loodesse ja nõrgeneb. Õhutemperatuur on 11..17°C. Päeval: Vähese ja vahelduva pilvisusega ilm. Ennelõunal sajab kohati hoovihma, pärastlõunal on olulise sajuta ilm. Puhub lääne- ja loodetuul 5-11, põhjarannikul puhanguti kuni 14 m/s, õhtuks nõrgeneb. Õhutemperatuur on 18..23°C.
  Pühapäev, 25.08
6..15   Öösel: Selge või vähese pilvisusega ilm. Mitmel pool on udu. Puhub valdavalt põhjakaare tuul 1-6 m/s. Õhutemperatuur on 6..11, rannikul kuni 15°C. Päeval: Selge või vähese pilvisusega kuiv ilm. Puhub muutliku suunaga tuul 1-6 m/s, õhtul pöördub lõunakaarde. Õhutemperatuur on 18..23°C.
  Esmaspäev, 26.08
10..15   Öösel: Selge või vähese pilvisusega ilm. Puhub lõunakaare tuul 2-8 m/s. Õhutemperatuur on 10..15°C. Päeval: Vähese ja vahelduva pilvisusega sajuta ilm. Puhub edela- ja läänetuul 3-8, põhjarannikul puhanguti 12 m/s. Õhutemperatuur on 20..25°C.
   tõuseb: 05:53
   loojub: 20:53
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